My Favorite Poem

One of my favorite poems that I remember always hearing as a kid is Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstien.

There is a place where the sidewalk ends
and before the street begins,
and there the grass grows soft and white,
and there the sun burns crimson bright,
and there the moon-bird rests from his flight
to cool in the peppermint wind.

Let us leave this place where the smoke blows black
and the dark street winds and bends.
Past the pits where the asphalt flowers grow
we shall walk with a walk that is measured and slow
and watch where the chalk-white arrows go
to the place where the sidewalk ends.

Yes we’ll walk with a walk that is measured and slow,
and we’ll go where the chalk-white arrows go,
for the children, they mark, and the children, they know,
the place where the sidewalk ends.

I love how descriptive is it because I can create perfect imagery for every line! I also like poems that rhyme and for the most of it, this one does. This poem takes people on a “journey” down the sidewalk and where it ends. On the way I can smell, hear, taste, and touch everything because of how well descriptive it is. That’s why I love this poem and why it is one of my favorites.


My Favorite Childhood Stuffed Animal

When I was little, I just couldn’t do without my favorite stuffed animal that was a yellow duck named, believe it or not, ‘Ducky’. When it wasn’t sitting perched on my bed, it was held protectively underneath my arm like a football. The duck had three small ribbon decorations hanging from its neck that were blue, pink, and green in pastel shades that bundled up into a small flower that had small pearls weaved into it. It was one of the most seen item in my childhood, as I had it with me in almost every picture of me in old photo albums.

My stuffed animal had pretty sentimental value to it. While I held it in my arms as I lied down to sleep or played “dolls” with my sister. I don’t think I would ever let my mom wash it as often as it should’ve been and I wouldn’t let any other stuffed animal replace it. Even though we had a whole couch of stuffed animals! I wonder why that one was a speacial. Or what made it so special.

That’s why I just couldn’t live without my yellow stuffed animal named ‘Ducky’. Without it I couldn’t go to sleep at night. Or I refused to more so. I think everyone, in there childhood, should have a favorite stuffed animal. I know I did!

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Inspirational Quote

“Everything happens for a reason.” Quote by Marilyn Monroe an actor famous for her films in the 1970’s. This is by far my favorite quote because I do believe that everything happens for a reason. Think about it, if everything in your life didn’t happen the way it did you wouldn’t be where you are today. Weather where you are now is a good place or a bad one, it because of the decisions you make.

I also like the quote “Everything happens for a reason, and there’s a reason for everything that happens” Quote by anonymous. If something happens to you, most of the time there’s a reason behind it good or bad. I really like this quote—”everything happens for a reason”— because it’s pretty much talking about your whole life and sends a good message. If you make bad decisions then it can affect your future in a bad way. If you make good decisions then it can affect your future in a positive way.

“Everything happens for a reason” to me means, that you should be careful with the choices you make. Because I know if I make bad choices and end up with a negative future I know someone will probably tell me “There’s probably a reason that you are this way” which is basically another way of saying the quote. I think everyone should find a deeper meaning to this quote. It could be very beneficial for them!

Favorite Place in Austin

As your turn the corner of Amy’s ice cream wafting away the sweet aroma of whatever type of ice cream it may be, you turn into a scenic view of possibly one of the best restaurants Austin has to offer.Iron Cactus.

Down a well watered grassy lawn is a staged area where singers are usually performing and families with kids sit down to enjoy with dogs running happily around soaking in the fresh air. A warm fire pit that gives of more warmth at night is set up right out side the restaurant where you and your family can enjoy your meal in the outside eating area. Which perfect because you can also enjoy, if there is one at the time, the performance.

Once you get inside you immideatly notice the modern yet western design. The bar is in a way classy but at can easily be changed when there are three TV sets set up with football on. Over all Iron Cactus is a family friendly place. Most of the seating are tall booths or large tables both for big families. I haven’t even gotten to the best part. The food.

I always order the cheese quesadilla with a side of fries which sounds pretty typical but I think it’s the best. The appetizers are chips and salsa—mild or spicy. Which is also pretty well made. A good amount of the food is Mexican style. The whole restaurant is sort of a mix between western-Texas and Tex-mex.

Once your done eating you can stroll through the galleria just for the lights and sightseeing or my favorite, shopping. I love Iron Cactus and if your ever in Texas and need a good place to eat, this is definitely the place to go!

The Phantom’s Home Down Under

         Peering into the mirror, I see a face of innocence. What lies beyond is as cold as the feeling of Cristine being sucked into it. Dusty and dark, the staircase wraps around itself. It’s not long before you reach the cold cement bottom. Thin cold air clothes around you but there doesn’t seem to be any wind blowing, just the feeling. Dimly lit candles are faint and placed just enough to see the corners of the cavern. It’s like one of those creepy basements that you just want to quickly get in and out of. Except there’s no escaping the Phantom of the Opera.

        It’s a pretty spacious cavern. One that could be easily lit and cleaned up for company. Though it’s not and it doesn’t therefore giving the lair the lonely vibe it has. This place needs no “Keep Out” signs. It speaks for itself! Fog rises slowly two inches above the ground that’s so thick it masks your feet and if you look close enough, the dark plays tricks on your eyes making faces in within the fog. Suddenly an awful smell hits the air. The smell of death. It smells shriveled and old. The Phantom’s Lair is not an ideal place to be.  

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the mask

School iPads

Keeps me in check and organized? No, not really. My school iPad isn’t as useful to me as it was in 6th grade. It just kinda sits there in a corner charging, and while at school it sits on the corner of my desk with my un-needed books. Except for the occasional Spanish warm-up or Texas history quiz or test of course. But I pretty much couldn’t care less about my school iPad.

I’m not a gamer either so weather we had iPads or not wouldn’t make a difference to me. I don’t even use it as my assignment notebook because I’ve gotten so used to remembering it all in my head which isn’t hard because I usually have homework in the same classes. School iPads just aren’t as “cool” or “new” as they were in 6th grade.

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Why I like WRMS Pep Rally’s

The warmth of the crowd in the bleachers. The excited 6th graders cheering and screaming until their red in their faces. Bo the mascot is jumping around trying to get the crowd fired up. Older grades (7 and 8) are just glad to be out of class and with their friends. The joys of a middle school pep rally.

Looking beyond the silly games, Pep rally’s can actually be enjoyable. Besides, they only happen in a school year so you might as well enjoy it. If you’re not in it for school spirit, at least be glad that you get to be with your friends. AND for at least half a period, plus wildcat time. Regardless of how other people feel about pep rally’s, I think their great.

My favorite mistake

“Get your PE credits over with!” is what they all say. As if it were easy! As if you could just breeze through 7th grade PE. Well some people might be able to but me? No way! And as I open my rusty gym locker after the third try, I can tell that PE is not going to make this semester go by easily.

Slowly as a sloth I yank out my hideous PE uniform and hesitantly head to the stalls to change. Once I step out to admire how awful I look in my uniform, I nearly gag. The pants are too baggy and the shirt is just… ugghh! As slowly as I possibly can, I walk out to do the stupid stretches. They don’t even help stretch out anything and are completely irrelevant to a majority of our activities. When the words, “Lets head to the track!” escape my gym teachers mouth, I just knew taking PE was one of my biggest mistakes.

Calmly walking to the doors that will soon lead to my death, I get swallowed into the crowd of shockingly excited kids and the smell of B.O is very apparent. I wrinkle my nose and after I loose the crowd I return to my calming pace. As if things couldn’t get any worse…they do.

1 mile?! I repeat the coaches words in my head. My eyes get slighlty wider. The first day we actually get into physical ed and we have to run a mile! I guess it makes things sort of better when the coach says we’re allowed to jog the straights and walk the curves but still. Four laps around the track makes the track seem bigger than it is. I pace myself running steadily. The sights of old shriveled up band aids and retainers don’t help. Neither do the small pieces of black turf getting stuck in my shoe. But there’s nothing I can do but push forward and smile when I finally reach the end.

As the weeks go by (slowly of course) I still like PE less and less everyday. But I’ve made three eighth grade friends! One of them even shares my pain about PE and dislikes it as much as I do! And to this day, this very moment in fact, I still see taking PE as a mistake, but I know it will be all worth it next year when I’ve taken care of PE creditstt and can finally do electives I’ll enjoy.

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Laying on my back in my comfortable bed, eyes wide open. The rain is beating against my windows and the thunder creates a bright white flash that blinds me. Slowly and suddenly I drift to sleep.The rain sounds are now soothing and relaxing.
I can imagine the storm behind closed eyes. The first few drops start to slowly make their way down then, it’s a whole downpour. The thunder that strikes violently slowly comes to a stop and then it’s just rain. Cold, slippery, wet rain.

The Pit

The Pit
Candy and snacks galore
Friendly smiles and giant hugs
Skies that go from light to dark
The Pit

The Pit
Watch as the football soars through the air
Watch as the cheerleaders land there standing back tucks
Watch as people get crazier as it gets later
The Pit

…The Pit
It doesn’t get much better than that… 🙂